Directing role for culture

OP/TIL is non profit that supports culture in every direction. They connect players within the cultural sector, beyond the boundaries of municipalities, sectors and disciplines. 

They needed a tool to simplify communication with policy makers, something that started the conversation with some foreknowledge about the IGS and its directing role. An animated explainer was perfect for passing on that information in a short time, which made for a more informed conversation afterwards.

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Art direction
Motion graphics

Copywriting: Chingiz Karibekov
Voice-over: George Adindu
Sound Engineer: Isaah umaru


I collaborated with Chingiz Karibekov to summarize this rather complicated concept. We cooperate with the client to translate a three-page concept to a clear half-page voice-over. This took a lot of cutting, but luckily nobody got hurt.


It took me a while to come up with the visual identity of this video. I had to find a way of having a single visual concept that could explain what an IGS does. In the end, I choose something everyone already understands and used that as the starting point for everything. More on this bellow.


To assess the validity of every scene we worked with an animatic. This is a sequence of sketches that’s edited on the soundtrack. It gave us the possibility to change scenes that didn’t work without having to animate or illustrate them.


An explainer video is a learning tool, it should be comprehensible and memorable. The visual identity should for this reason use concepts we already know and understand but in a way we haven’t seen before. So if we show hands laying down puzzle pieces we immediately understand each piece is part of a bigger picture. The IGS has sight of that bigger picture, it guides, observes and connects the different players within the cultural sector. They are the hands that lay the puzzle.


Instead of explaining, OP/TIL can now focus on the important things. They don’t have to start every conversation with a big information dump. All they have to do now is show the video. Giving them more time and energy for helping the cultural sector!

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If you have any questions about this project, Don’t hessitate to ask!

cover art brown boy joy
gemmel moore & timothy dean documentary