“We see people through our own lens. Not seeing them for what they are but for what we think they are. And most of the time it’s totally wrong. We project onto them, as if we’re painting our own bias onto people, painting something different than what our eyes pick up. I quite literally visualized this in a work called Projections..

"This made me act like a muted version of myself"

As a coloured person in Belgium I often bumped into this. Knowing this growing up changed my personality in a big way, in a very negative to myself way. I’ve always been a people pleaser, and this was taken to the extreme when I entered every conversation with the notion someone might view me in a certain way because of my colour. This made me act like a muted version of myself, and I kinda lost myself in that. Now that I’ve realised this I’m slowly getting to know myself again. And I’m done changing myself for other people’s comfort!