The Zinneke Parade is a biannual festival taking place throughout Brussels Belgium. They approached me with the question to make a video encouraging people to vote for the theme of the 2022 edition. Included in the video should be footage from their 2000s documentary combined with animation. So I came up with the idea of using rotoscope to bring the footage and the animation together into one.

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Zinneke Parade Brussels

Art direction
Fbf animation

Rotoscope animation: Tom Metdepenningen


The Zinneke Parade is a colorful and multicultural festival bringing every type of people together. The illustration of this animation is a feast of colors coming together to tell one story. It’s both fun to look at and conveys the spirit of the people. It was inspired by contemporary abstract art and movies like Waking Life. Every frame of this animation was drawn by hand to make it look like a moving painting.


Video from the 2000s is not old enough to have that vintage flavour and not new enough to be of very high quality. So we had to find a technique to use the footage in a good-looking way. Rotoscope was perfect for reaching this goal. Rotoscope is a form of animation where animators draw on top of video footage to mimic its movement in the drawing. We took this technique a little further by bringing objects from the footage to life. Flying masks and stomping giants were the results.


The campaign was aired on national TV and social media it brought in 4006 votes for the parade theme of the 2022 edition. 

Poster mockup
ZINNEKE parade Poster mockup
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If you have any questions about this project, Don’t hessitate to ask!

cover art brown boy joy
gemmel moore & timothy dean documentary